‘If they want to block it, they should block it.’ — Simi Reacts Angrily To NCC’s Directive On SIM Without NIN

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Simi has expressed anger over Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) directive on disconnecting every SIM card not synchronised with valid National Identification Number (NIN).

On Tuesday, the NCC had in a statement given all telecommunications companies in Nigeria a 14-days timeline to block SIM cards not registered with the NIN.

“The submission of NIN by subscribers to take place within two weeks (from today December 16, 2020 and end by 30 December, 2020). After the deadline, all SIMs without NINs are to be blocked from the networks,” the statement read.

Amid the criticism that trailed the new development, the 32-year-old and mother of one in a tweet said she does not want to be a part of the process on Wednesday.

“lol i want out,” she wrote.

In another tweet

Simi tweeted:

“Honestly if they want to block it, they should block it. Cos I’m tired and maybe the 15 ppl that are able to register in 2 weeks can be calling theirself.”

Simi in a now deleted tweet said the government keeps giving us nonsense and we keep taking it.

She wrote:

“They continue giving us nonsense, because we continue collecting it..”