If you allow the world control you, you will loose yourself, I have friends who change cars but do not own a plot of land, they always beg people for their rent – Bridget Otoo shades

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Ghanaian Media Personality Bridget Otoo after making several headlines over the weekend has dropped a Controversial post comparing herself to some of her rich friends. In the post, Bridget claim she has friends who frequently change cars but cannot boost of a single house they own.

She claim these same friends live expensive lifestyle but end up begging people for money to pay their rent unlike her who has been using the same car for 7 years and has made certain progress in her aspect of life like living comfortably in her own house without paying rent.

On twitter, She wrote: If you allow yourself, the world would tell you who you are, how you shd look, talk, etc… I know it’s tough but please be your AUTHENTIC self. There’s so much going on in the world that every minute you spend living someone else’s life, you rob yourself of happiness

Don’t do things to impress but to make you happy! Remember those who love you don’t need explanation. I have friends who change cars every year but don’t own a plot of land and have to beg people to pay their rent. I have used same car for 7 years but

at least made progress in certain aspects of my life, like not paying rent. I know we are all different and a car cld be more valuable 2 someone than a house. But when you’ve seen poverty like I did growing up, you won’t live your life to please anyone but to save for a rainy day