“If you are a woman, mention my name” Afia Schwar dares Delay for shading her, asks her to go and give birth instead of shading people

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Afia Schwarzenegger and her old enemy Deloris Frimpong Manson are at it again as they have rekindled their old beef that died down a couple of months ago. In a video currently making rounds on social media, Afia Schwar had dared Delay to mention her name when dropping her shade.

These two have since been on each others throat as they keep shading an dissing each other. This recent attack comes after Delay dropped a video of herself claiming she is all shades of beauty and if people like Afia Schwar do not understand then they can go to hell for all she cares.

Reacting to this, Afia also dropped a video daring Delay to mention her name whenever she shades her if only she is a bold woman like she is. She then ended by saying she should go and make babies and stop shading people.