“If you want to be wealthy, study the Igbo people “- Reno Omokri

Bestselling author and activist Reno Omokri has told those that want to become wealthy to study the Igbo People of Nigeria. He made this statement via a post on his official handle @renoomokri.

PHOTO: Bestselling author Reno Omokri

According to him, the Igbo people were totally drained from the civil war but now they are the richest people per capita in Africa.

“What I am about to say may come as a shock to some, but study the Igbo people of Nigeria if you want to become wealthy. They were destroyed after the Nigerian Civil War, with EVERY Igbo family reduced to £20. Now, they are the richest people per capita in Africa.

” Many are literate in education, but literate in money. You can laugh at them. But go to their businesses and they have your superiors working for them.” He said.

See the Instagram post below:



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