IK Ogbonna’s ex wife celebrates for dumping him before Coronavirus Pandemic

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Popular Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna’s estranged wife, Sonia Morales has thanked God for leaving him before the world got stuck with COVID-19 pandemic. According to her, the isolation has led to self-introspection and she has realised how fortunate she is to have left her marriage.

Sonia revealed in a long post that 5 years ago, she was in a house without consistent power flow and water and she had a baby who won’t stop sweating and crying out of discomfort.

Ok gotta tell you a story: listen up : Life was good, life is still good and guess what? It’s gonna get better! I can’t even complain about being indoors right now cuz Lord knows how bad it would be if this happened to me 5 years ago when I was staying in a house with no water and light coming off & on with a newborn baby that doesn’t stop crying and sweating and mosquitoes that won’t stop biting 😒( thank God we don’t look like everything we been through lol) .. nah! It just crossed my mind like yesterday (as u know we all got some spare time to think) and somehow this whole situation came in handy as a tool of introspection, it helped me spot the obvious difference between our lives back then and our lives now, and even though I find myself getting all inpatient and restless with this whole idiotic situation, I steady remind myself that I must be stupid to let myself be anything less then grateful, and I don’t know your struggle and your problems, but I pray for you to see, find and acknowledge, from the bottom of your heart, that no matter where you stand at this moment , no matter how it seems to you right now , it ALWAYS, ONLY gets better, and once you do, you have changed the damn game in your favor! It’s not on you to know how it’s gonna happen, just make sure you know it’s gonna happen.
I promise you and you need to trust me on that.
Love, S ❤️