“I’m Not Disturbed.” Afia Schwar’s Son Speaks Over Gay Allegation.

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James Ian Heerdegen Geiling, one of Afia Schwarf’s twin son has come to clear the atmosphere about the gay allegation leveled against him through a series of post he shared whiles interacting with his fans.

Few days ago, the king of trolling King Nana Tonardo in a beef with the comedienne bluntly said, Afia Schwar’s son James is gay and is always being fired mercilessly in the anal part by his gay partners.

This follows a recent beef Afia had with her long time best friend who is now her worst enemy. In their recent fight, the queen of comedy shaded Nana Tonardo referring him as gay and asking him to use his money for diapers. The King of beef who wouldn’t let Afia pass by without tasting the wrath of his anger exposed the evil side of Afia claiming she’s a lesbian and also said her son James is gay.

James Heerdegen has however cleared the air in response to the gay allegation.

In one of his posts to his fans he said he never wanted to address Tonardo’s gay allegations because it was not necessary and besides he’s not gay but since fans are eager to know what the truth is, he felt he has to react to it.

According to James, he loves women and wouldn’t go down to the lowest degree to have a sexual relation with the same gender.