“In 20 Years To Come If You Are Looking For The Fruit Of The Womb Look For Me!” Wathoni Anyansi Rains Heavy Curse On Those Insulting Her Child- See Screenshots.

Reality TV star, Wathoni Anyansi has caused a massive stir online as she rains down weighty curses on those insulting her six-year-old son.

Wathoni has said that the women who are dragging her little boy into insults would come looking for her in 20 years because they would be barren.

The Kenyan-Nigerian took to Twitter on Wednesday, January 6 to fire at those making tweets about her son, however, she alleged that they deleted the tweets after she began to roast them. Currently on Nigerian Twitter, Wathoni is trending as thousands of BBNaija fans are commenting on the issue.

She wrote;

“In 20 Years to come if you are looking for the fruit of the womb look for me!

“Notice how it’s women saying the most. Women putting women down since 1800!

“Funny enough there were about 5 tweets of idiots inserting my son.

“Funny enough there were about 5 tweets of idiots inserting my son.

“It’s the double standards for me. I tweet and you involve my son then go back and make tweets about how I am being a victim and shiiii. Victim ni wewe !!!!!!!


“I mean is your insult or trolling so weak that you have to involve my child?????????!

“It’s one thing saying the most to me and it’s another saying silly stuff about my child.”

See tweets below;

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