Iran’s Supreme Leader Calls Trump A ‘Clown’ – See Why

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Iran’s Supreme leader Ayotallah Khamenei on Friday gave a rare sermon to his citizens, calling Donald Trump ‘a clown’ who pretends to love Iranians but will put a dagger in their backs. The last time Khamenei delivered a sermon to a crowd during Friday prayers was in 2012, on the 33rd anniversary of Iran’s Islamic Revolution and on Friday he called for “national unity” and described Iran’s accidental downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flights 752 as a “bitter” tragedy.

The sermon, came off the back of protests in Iran that have called for Iran’s leaders to leave office following Iranian military admission that it mistakenly shot down a Ukranian Airliner off the sky, while waiting for American retaliation over the bombing of it’s bases in Iraq.

According to Khamenei, Iran’s number one man, who has been in power since 1989, the “cowardly” killing of Soleimani had taken out the most effective commander in the battle against ISIS which made Iran launch a barrage of ballistic missiles targeting US troops in Iraq, without causing any deaths.

He also blasted western countries, Britain, France and Germany, which this week triggered a dispute mechanism to try to bring Iran back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement which they have all stopped complying with.

According to the Iranian leader, the Western countries were servants of the United States and were too weak to bring the Iranian people to it’s knees. ‘They were cowards to kill Soleimani, and Trump is a clown who only pretends to support the Iranian people but will put a dagger of poison in their backs’

“Our enemies were as happy about the plane crash as we were sad. “(They were) happy they found something to question our Guard and armed forces over.

Quds Forces should be considered a humanitarian organization, its members are fighters without borders.”

‘Britain, France and Germany are contemptible governments and servants of the United States and think they can bring us to our knees’

Praising Soleimani, Khamenei said
What he did beyond Iran’s borders were in the service of the security of the nation and that the people are in favor of firmness and resistance in the face of enemies.

The few hundred who insulted the picture of General Soleimani, are they the people of Iran, or this million-strong crowd in the streets?”

Not only did the deceived ones… not give their lives for Iran, but they did not sacrifice one of their interests for their country.”