It Takes a Real Man to Nurture Your Beauty, The Others Settle For The Weak And Easy-Stephanie Benson Throws Shot At Medikal in Birthday Message To Sister Derby

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Today marks the 36th birthday ofd songstress Derby and many social media users including celebrities and followers have wished her well.

She celebrated her day with a beautiful bath tube photo that sparkled the photo sharing app.

Even though Derby is 36 today she still looks much younger and pretty.

Singer based in UK, Stephanie Benson while wishing Derby a happy birthday has thrown fresh shot at rapper Medikal and Fella Makafui.

According to Stephanie it takes a real man to nurture the beauty of Derby, an indirect indication that Medikal wasn’t a real man.

She added that such men are rare to find stating that the opposite of real men always settle for the weak and easy. An indirect jab directed at both Medikal and Fella which means that Medikal is not a real man and Fella is also a weak and easy going woman.