It’s About To Go Down! Yvonne Nelson In Twitter ‘War’ With Victoria Lebene!

by - 2 mins

Whether it was ‘khebab’ or meet and greet, the heat still goes on. Yvonne Nelson on Tuesday after cursing a twitter user for supposedly disrespecting her and and her baby Ryn has once more lost her cool, and this time around she targeted journalist and actress Victoria Lebene.

The baby mama lost her cool when Eugene Safo of who happens to be the husband of Lebene shared a viral post of a fan jabbing her on twitter. She then reacted and quizzed him if he Nkonkonsa had a problem with her post. Reacting to this, Eugene’s wive urged Yvonne to accept other peoples opinion regardless of sensitivity since she is an opinion leader.

“If we all decide to be Opinion leaders, then we should be ready to receive other opinion, regardless the sensitivity. People’s opinion cannot be controlled, that’s the sad part,” she tweeted.

An angry Yvonne Nelson quickly fired back calling her a ‘loser’ and ‘pathetic’ adding that she prays no one disrespect her children and that her marriage lasts.

Victoria Lebene has since been replying her in series of tweets.