Its Not A Crime To Impregnate Your Maid- Counselor Lutterodt Advices Married Men!

Controversial man of God and marriage counselor Lutterodt has once again proven to be the king of controversies in Ghana. Tackling the question whether or not is good for a married man to impregnate his maid if the wife can’t conceive, the counselor said there is nothing wrong in impregnating your maid as a man if your wife can’t conceive.

According to the man of God it is the duty of every wife to give the husband a child and therefore if a woman can’t bear children then it means she is failing to fulfill her duty as a wife and so the man can decide to have children with whomever he please even if it his maid.

He added that it about time society puts a stop to criticizing married men who impregnate their maid servants because it takes boldness to take such steps and decisions.

Adding up to prove his point right he also said that some married women don’t have character and what men need is peace of mind and once the wife it making life a living hell for him, it only right if he finds that comfort he needs in his maid

If a wife is not exhibiting a good character and the maid is doing such, then what makes it wrong for the husband to make a move by going for the maid.
Every man wants peace and so if your wife is not giving you that, and your maid is, then there is nothing wrong with you going in for her”

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