Its the confident she has calling someone old yet she looks like a Grandma – Netizens troll Diamond Appiah for attacking Delay

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Akpe @ 60 also known as Diamond Appiah seems to have stepped on the wrong toes after she dropped a Short video of Delay and empress Gifty. In the video, Delay is hear asking Empress Gifty if she had bleached her skin or she is naturally fair, She then replied saying she is naturally fair and that she doesnt use bleaching creams.

Reacting to this, Diamond claim Empress Gifty has always been beautiful and that its Delay that look old because at that time of the interview she claim Delay was 50year. This didnt sit well with some social media users who dropped ugly Photos of Diamond telling her to look in the mirror whenever she want to call someone old.

Popular Blogger Mari Gyataa posted the Video and captioned it: The fact that Diamond feels so confident calling others old baffles me 🤣 if Delay looked 50 at that time then you will pass for 80yrs ooo