“I’ve Your Photo If You Do Anyhow!” Unknown Caller Threatens To Kill #EndSARS Front Liner For Demanding Justice For Lekki Toll Gate Victims (Audio).

Nigerian investigative journalist, Fisayo Soyombo has made a report about a certain Dabirioluwa Adeyinka who has being receiving death threats because of her participation in the #EndSARS protests.

Soyombo said that Dabira was amongst those who were at the scene of the Lekki Toll Gate shooting on the 20th of October, 2020. In tweet on his official Twitter page on Wednesday, January 20, Soyombo revealed that the threat wasn’t the first Dabira would be receiving.

According to him, Dabira was gisting with her friends when she received a call from an unknown Caller who threatened to kill her for demanding justice for the deceased victims.

He also shared a audio which captures the moment the unknown caller told her to stand down with her cries for justice. The caller spoke in the indigenous Yoruba language and said that the country existed before her birth and she isn’t the only one living in it.

Dabira said after picking the call;

“Who do you want to speak with?”

The caller said;

“I don’t understand English, Calm down and listen carefully to what I have to say. If you need your life… if your life is any valuable to you, stop all these things. I have your photo… if you ‘do anyhow’, the punishment for sin is death. People have died already. You have no hiding place. We were told to give you a warning before we come to deal with you; that is why I’m calling you.

“Do you understand? Stop all your agitation. This country was in existence before your birth and you won’t be the only one to exist in it. You can’t be causing problems for those of us currently benefiting from the government. This is Lagos; back off! I have warned you!”

Listen to audio below;



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