Jackie Appiah acquires expensive Diamond Bracelet, gets its tested to prove she doesnt wear Fugazi

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Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah is undoubtedly one of the most classy and well traveled celebrities in Ghana. However the capital city of the Dubia Emirates, Dubai seems to be one of the favorite place of the Actress as she keeps traveling there very often.

A recent reel of the Actress on her Instagram page shows the expensive lifestyle she lives in Dubai each time she travels there. In the video, the Actress is seen shopping for clothes, bags and eating at the expensive restaurants in the city. The Actress also went for a Jewellery shopping

For the Jewellery shopping, in part of the reel, the Actress is seen with a rare golden bracelet and in order to prove to Ghanaians especially the trolls that there is no fugazi in her home, She made the sale personnel test if its real or fake Diamonds.

The Led on the testing device shoot up to the red zone indicating that the Diamonds on her wrist are expensive and very real