Jealous Fella Cried Backstage seeing Medikal, Sista Derby Perform +Video!

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Back to Sowutuom is over but its eminence still breeds this First day of December, the concert dubbed had it flaws and one of which is what has come to Notice. In a Posted sighted by Sister Derby on her Status Feed she described what seem like an SHS girl filled with jealousy and low IQ crying backstage after seeing her only true lover and Boyfriend perform with another female artist on stage which was just meant for Business.. An excerpt of the deleted Post from Derby IG Handle reads Quote.. “Last night i was given the most Hateful ever from someone, She was full of disgust and whats more i greeted her and she seemed she wanted me to disappear. i wonder how someone can have soo much hate when i have never wronged her or anyone closed to her” View follow Up Post from Instagram Blog ViewsGH Below!