John Dumelo reacts after his wife Gifty sends a strong warning to Slay Queens to stay away from him

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While others are using the ‘Tik Tok’ app for funny and crazy videos to entertain themselves and their fans, she used it to reaffirm her love to her husband as she warns slay queens or side chicks to stay away from him.

Actor cum politician John Dumelo’s wife Gifty has warned slay queens and side chicks to stay away from her husband because she’s never leaving him for any of them. According to her, no matter the number of times they argue or what ever they argue about, that won’t make her leave her husband for any other woman to come and take her place.

She posted a video on her Instagram page saying no matter the number of times she argues with her husband, he’s still hers until she kills him then he becomes Jesus’ problem not hers. She said I don’t care how much me and my husband argue, he’s mine until I kill him and then he is Jesus’ problem after that.”

Checkout John Dumelo’s reply below