John Mahama, just One Month of Coronavirus and Our Economy is in ICU and Tatters, JM’s Address to Nation.

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In his briefing to the Nation via all his Social Networks Platforms, the former President of Ghana John Mahama criticized the current government of their Handling of the Coronavirus and especially the lifting of the Lockdown which is unjustifiable without any feasible facts and notice.

Mahama opined that, this government have always boasted of the best economy since independence and that it’s Funds can take care of Innocent citizens for the next 3 months, but this wasn’t the case, Mahama reiterated.. He further added “Just One month of this Government funding just some sessions of the economy and vulnerable persons at home due to the coronavirus, our economy has gone to the ICU and is in Tatters now and needs critical health Examination” He added.

Mahama further informed Ghanaians this decision of Lifting the Lockdown taken by Government was not based on Data and scientific facts but rather led by Innocent Ghanaians crying of Hunger whilst in Lock-down, hence prompting persons to come out of Lockdowm and face the virus rather than die of Hunger in their Homes. Further addressing the Nation, he edged Ghanaians to Practice social distancing, use face mask regularly and Stay at Home if possible during this Pandemic – More Soon as His Speech is Still in Session. A Report.