Joint 77 backs Sonnie Badu as he blast Pope Skinny for his hate comment on Shatta Wale and Beyonce’s Already Video

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Former ex militant of Shatta Movement, Joint 77 has thrown his weight behind his former Boss to lash out at Pope Skinny for saying that the Already video with Beyonce was Photo shopped.

According to the former best friend of shatta wale, The Dancehalll King never met Beyonce to shoot the Music Video which was released last Friday but it was rather Photo Shopped which is shatta wale did his part in Ghana and it was fused together for the final finish.

He has since been bashed by a lot of SM fans for such comment as Former militant of the Shatta Movement group Joint 77 has also added his voice to the brouhaha telling Pope skinny to stop hating and grow up.

“Yo! Pope Skinny, what you dey talk talk about nu? Massa stop, what you dey talk nu de3 ebi big disgrace for you Koraa. Buh I mean if you have a problem with Wale koraa, you go fii bash am yeah! Buh if wale do you something aa you go fit talk but wha you dey talk de3 stop stop, Joint 77 said in Pidgin.