Joint 77 Exposes Deep Secrets of Shatta Wale Says He Doesn’t Want Them To Be Promoted

Joint 77, a former member of SM Militant has revealed deep secrets about the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker, Shatta Wale.

In a live video sighted Joint 77 disclosed that the SM boss is trying all means to destroy his career and some other former SM Militants.

Joint 77 is one of the SM Militants Shatta Wale sighed unto the SM militants group. Reardless of the group being dissolved by Shatta Wale a couple of them including Joint 77 are doing all it takes to push their music career but Joint 77 has accused Shatta of trying to kill his career.

He says he has seen screenshots of chats that proves that Shatta Wale has been discouraging people from promoting his songs as well as that of other SM Militants who were sacked by Shatta.

He noted that he did a lot of dirty works like feeding dogs and cleaning a$$ yet Shatta accused him of being an ingrate.



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