Jordan Ayew Beats Dede Ayew To Become 2nd-highest Ghanaian Goal-Scorer In English Premier League

Brother of Dede Ayew, Jordan Ayew’s strike against Arsenal on Saturday in their 1-1 draw has enabled him and Crystal Palace to jump ahead of their London rivals.

Jordan Ayew’s one goal against his London rivals has lifted him a goal ahead of his elder brother, Dede Ayew in the list of the highest-scoring Ghanaians in the Premier League history.

The one goal which has taken Jordan a step ahead of his brother was his sixth goal of the season and his 22nd in the Premier League overall in 121 appearances.

Jordan was able to secure seven goals for himself while at Aston Villa, one goal at Swansea and seven more in Welsh club.

This season promises to be good for the Ayew brother already as he has already scored five times in 21 starts including the worldie against West Ham a couple of games ago.

The first on the table of Ghanaian scorers happens to be Anthony Yeboah with 24 goals, 47 appearance and Jordan Ayew is just two goals away to catch up with him.

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