Joyce Mensah Flaunts Her Obroni Boyfriend For The 1st Time Says He Bought Her First Expensive Phone

Controversial Ghanaian actress Joyce Mensah has taken to social media to share a photo of her white boyfriend whom she claims has been amazing to her.

According to Joyce Mensah the white man has shown interest in her but she has turned down his proposal. She said despite turning down his proposal the white man has been wonderful to her and they understand each other nicely.

To her it wouldn’t have been this peaceful if the man were an African.

Joyce Mensah revealed that her white friend bought her her first expensive phone that is Samsung Galaxy note 8+.

Taking to Facebook to write about how wonderful her friend has been she wrote;

”This is my friend Jörn.
We’ve been friends for almost 4 years now. He bought me my first expensive phone last year. Samsung Galaxy Note 8+.
Even though his wish was for us to marry, i told him i prefer to have him as a friend than husband and now he understands that.
🤩 no kissing baby, no touching baby🤩
Hmm but if this was my fellow African, he will say no.
Some African men will make you their number one enemy just because you have refused their Proposal.
Ohhhh Africa, dabi dabi dabi”.
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