“Juju could have killed my career if I had gone for it” Sista Afia claims

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Ghanaian Musician Sista Afia known in real life as Francisca Gawugah has revealed that her music career would have been dead long if she had indulged herself in the popular Juju theory. Speaking in an interview, Sista Afia was asked what would motivate her to drop a hit song and she responded by saying noting will make her indulged in black magic just to make her son a hit.

In her words, She said “Nothing will make me go to seek Black magic just for a hit song, Yes nothing I would always say where I have gotten to, I have nothing but determination and God is what has brought me this far. If God has brought me this far in my career and I am still going, Why on earth would I go and take something that will kill me and would kill my career withing the next two months”

“It doesnt make sense, so I would rather stick with what I have. The thing with the work is, if you are consistent and do not give up, you will make it. Everyone has their unique blessing. You never know what the artist who has a hit today family members did for them to be this blessed. So when it comes to issues like this I dont bother”