Kasoa again: 14 year old boy set a 10 year old boy on fire with Petrol

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Report currently reaching out fit indicates that there has been another unfortunate incident at Kasoa as Ghanaians are trying to recover from the first one.

Kasoa has been trending for some days now after two teenagers were arrested for murdering a 10 year old boy and allegedly wanted to use him for rituals

According to information currently reaching us, a 10 year old boy has been burnt with severe injuries by a 14 year old boy identified as Hammar

According to reports, the 10 year old boy was sent on an errand when he met the 14 year old boy playing with a bottle of petrol

Hammar the 14 year old boy is said to have been playing with the petrol and even dug a hole and burnt anything his hand could find

Hammar’s cloth then caught fire and in an effort to put it off, he poured almost half of the petrol from the bottle unto the 10 year old boy setting him on fire.