Keche Joshua sends a strong message to Wendy Shay

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It seems Ghanaian artist Wendy Shay is going through an Emotional Breakdown as the once clam and loved Diva is now behaving like a Bipolar patient.

Popular Ghanaian Artist and member of the popular duo, Keche,Joshua has called on Ghanaians to remember Wendy Shay when praying because he believes she is under a spell ans is being haunted.

According to him, Wendy’s current lifestyle suggest that she is under the influence of Something or going through something.

The revelation comes after Wendy Shay dropped a video explaning why she unfollowed Popular Presenter Delay after she made a comment about her dressing and accused Wendy of unfollowing her.

In the video, Wendy looked Skinny and very exhausted which even made some of her fans suggest that she takes sometime off from music to deal with what ever she is going through