“Keep my Mother and Son’s name out of your big mouth” Akuapem Poloo issues a strong warning to Afia Schwar

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Ghanaian Actress Akuapem Poloo has issued a very strong warning to Ghanaian controversial Comedian Afia Schwar not to involve her innocent Mother and Kids when ever they have a disagreement. This comes after she was asked how social media beefs and trolls affects her family negatively.

According to her, She is aware of everything she does and the actions she takes as whatever she says or does needs to make her trend just so her fans and followers will have something to talk about .

During the Interview, She used the controversial comedian Afia Schwar as an example claiming she gets hurt when people like Afia Schwar direct insults to her mother and her son instead of her when ever there is a Disagreement

In her words, she said:“Because I know what I am doing and what I want, Insults dont get to me but when its extended to my mum. Like when they say my Mum didnt raise me right, those comment gets to me. That was why when my big sister, Afia Schwar insulted my Mum I didnt take it lightly. If you are dealing with me, deal with me directly but you know my Innocent Mum”

“She doesnt know you, She only knows you on social media. I wont Insult your Mum and dont come on your page and tell you what to do. So if you dont like what I do, you just have to back off”