“Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth!” BBNaija Star, Khafi Lambasts Erica’s Fan For Using Her As An Example.

Reality TV star, Khafi Kareem-Ekpata has sent a strong warning to one of Erica’s fans who used her as an example in her post.

Khafi berated the fan for including her in a post which talks about BBNaija stars who went through hard times while in the house but are currently doing well with their lives.

She said that people on Twitter need to stop playing with someone’s mental health whenever they want to. She also stated that they tried to destroy her all round but her God is bigger than all of them.

She tweeted;

“Keep my name out of your mouth. You guys on this app cannot pick and choose to play the mental health / peace & love card when you choose. You are the same person who was trolling me who was saying all sorts of disgusting things about me and did you think of me surviving it then?

“No you didn’t. Your sole aim was to destroy me emotionally, mentally and destroy my reputation societally. But God is bigger. I normally keep quiet and don’t respond to such nonsense but don’t you dare use me as an example because I did not survive what I survived because of you.

“Your hate and sick attitude are the reason for many peoples’ heartaches on here. And yes, your hypocrisy STINKS. So please, pick your words carefully. And in future be kind to EVERYBODY,  not just those you support. Signed, a survivor of online hate and abuse.”

See screenshots below;



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