Kennedy Agyapong sadly recalls how a Ga Lady broke his Heart and he almost did drugs

The member of Parliament for Assin Central has recalled how a lady gave him broken heart and almost made him a drug addict.

Underneath the loud, fearless and strong man is weak man full of emotions.

He revealed that it took a relationship with a Ga lady for him to fall flat and almost become a drug addict in the year 1992.

He claim it was a double punishment because he lost the elections that year and also topped it up with a broken heart.

“After the election in 1992, I spent 300,000 dollar on NPP and because we lost the election I lost everything and didnt have anything on me. So this Ga Lady left me broken- hearted”

He claim he thought that was the end of his life because when he got to the USA, he was evicted from the house he lived with his wife.

“But the Lady made a mistake because she thought that was the end of me but here I am today”

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