Kevin Taylor makes shocking revelation about Kennedy Agyapong and the Judges as they meet in court today

The show of “With Due Respect”, Kevin Taylor has made a shocking revelation and the Judges. The loud mouth member of Parliament for Assin central has been charged with Contempt of Court as he is expected to face or appear in court today.

Kevin Taylor is known for being outspoken and very loud when it comes to trending political issues in the country. According to him, al the judges want the member of parliament to be jailed except the chief justice.

A few weeks ago, Kennedy Agypong on his TV Station during his Seat show program used unprintable words against some judges in the country for allowing a pieace of Land he was fighting for be giving to the other party.

Kevin Talyor has taken a knee interest in the case and has made a lot of shocking revelations about it. It could be recall that Lat week Kevin Taylor made it clear that Akufo Addo has called the Chief Justice and requested that Kennedy Agyapong should be spared from jail.



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