KKD calls for Ex- Gratia to be cancelled, claim its nonsensical

by - 2 mins

Fashionista Cum Media personality Kwasi Kyei Darwah known as KKD has revealed that the ex Gratia after retirement is nonsensical. He claim during an Interview that with all that the Politicians while in governance enjoy, they should be able to save and cater for themselves after they retire.

He said:” The concert of Ex Gratia has to be discussed with urgency, Cut it out, Stop it. My father has called for 84years and paid all his taxes but he is not begging anyone to give him money before he goes home. You get the chance to serve and because of the position you are in you dont queue for anything, pay rent for years, have access to loans and things that people who work harder and smarter than you dont have access to “

“Yes you say you cannot write a book when you get out of power. You are so meek and mild, and you are so handicapped so sick that we must look after you” He then said the President shouldnt be given that same treatment as he put it ‘Let us maintain the dignity of the King” But he claim the vice President and everyone else must go back to work