Kwadwo Sheldon Should Learn Some Sense! Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo Drags The Content Creator For Advocating For Bulldog To Go To Jail For 6 Years

Recall that we reported on content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon, taking to his official twitter page to boldly state that Bulldog should be jailed for 6 years for passing such comments and to also serve as a deterrent to others who take to social media to threaten a sitting President.

Kwadwo Sheldon took to the microblogging platform and tweeted with caption;

”6 years in jail should be enough for Bulldog”

Well, during a discussion on the best ‘Best Entertainment Show’, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo described Kwadwo Sheldon’s comment as a ”senseless” comment. He used the opportunity to rather educate Sheldon in learning something positive from what has happened to Bulldog since he is one way or the other in the same business and could also land in trouble sometime to come.

This is what Arnold had to say; ”I saw one gentleman, Kwadwo Sheldon or so advocating Bulldog should be jailed for 6 years and I was laughing because what Bulldog was doing is similar to what he was also doing. Let’s assume without admitting that he has dine wrong which punishment needs to go for him, you doing the similar thing and you are advocating for a 6 year jail term for someone, then when you find yourself one day in the similar equation, what will you say?

He continued; So I believe those of us running commentary on the matter should learn a bit of sense. If you have nothing to say just shut up. Don’t go and be proclaiming judgement. So the Kwadwo Sheldon guy should learn sense because he is in the same trade.”

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