Kwame Despite’s Source Of Wealth Finally Revealed And It Will Shock You To The Core

Dr. Osei-Kwame, popularly known as “Kwame Despite” is a level headed business man with a chain of business conglomerates with regrds to the “Despite Group”. He owns quiet number of businesses under the Despite Flagship and has bagged quiet a number of awards both local and international.

Osei-Kwame is the owner of the Despite Company Ltd which is a trading company and with subsidiaries in the media industry namely, PEACE FM which is the largest and the most poplular FM station in the country, OKAY FM station, NEAT FM both in Accra and HELLO FM station in Kumasi.

Dr. Osei-Kwame set-up NEAT FOODS LTD, which processes our local plantain, cocoyam, maize and palm fruits such as Neat Fufu, which is has become a preference to the traditional fufu. He also owns a manufacturing company ANTONA FOODS LTD, producing the ever popular THIS WAY chocolate drink and other flavours including the Motherlac cereal for children. Despite is a co-founder of a Salt mining company, U2 Salt, which is located at Winneba.

Dr. Osei-Kwame with his partner co-founded the United Television (UTV) which is leading TV station in the country. He is the co-founder and Vice Chairman of Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd, a very renowned financial institution in the country.

Well, we all know the source of Despite’s wealth have been questioned on a number of occasions with some social media commentators suggesting he might be dealing in drugs. has decided to share with you his source of wealth which is still confusing the people of Ghana.

The only secret to the hardworking businessman’s wealth is purely “GIVING”, for the bible even says there is much more blessing in giving than receiving. Kwame Despite has over the years given to the needy and Ghanaians can attest to that fact. From building an ultra modern childrens ward for the 37 military hospital, taking care of the widows in Ghana and quiet a number of others that we do not know of. We have no idea of the number of fees he pays within a term or even a semester.

Despite and his brother recently donated a whooping $100,000 to the government of Ghana just to help in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. With all these things put into consideration, we are not surprised the big man up there keeps blessing him. So for those of you out there questioning his source of wealth, this is just a piece for you to look at before you start pointing fingers at the hard working business man. contributed to the Biography



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