Lady narrates how her car mysteriously swerved 360 degrees and passed under a trailer.

A Nigerian businesswoman, simply known as Oma on Twitter has narrated how she escaped death by accident when her vehicle passed under an trailer after she called the name of Jesus.

She said she was about to have a head collision with the trailer, but she took her hands of and told Jesus to take the wheel.

“On a Saturday morning I was driving 110 on Aba Road, coming from Obigbo, I saw a pothole late so I tried to dodge it, I lost control of the steering & brake no gree work again, I had no seatbelt on, in front the road was clear, no human, but a trailer was parked beside the road…

“I knew the car was heading to that trailer, I tried controlling the wheels no way, when I steer right car go go left vice versa, brakes still nothing, very close to the trailer I kuku removed my hands from the steering, closed my eyes & yelled ‘Jesus’,

“Na so car take run under the car run under the trailer, like how, how, some guys were clapping, hailing me that I am a good driver for me to pull a 360 stunt on such a close range, but only me know say I did nada asides cuddling myself & yelled Jesus, the boot of the car fold like say na hot agege bread.”

See screenshots below:

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