Lady who went mad after her boyfriend proposed to her on “Vals day” finally breaks silence

Yesterday a video of how a young lady went mad after her Boyfriend proposed to her went viral on social media. The lady in the video was seen running and acting very funny after her boyfriend poped the question.

The lady in question has been identified as Grace and according to her, she didnt run made as it was speculated as seen in the video. She claim the video was just a skit that she planned with her friends and it went viral after SHE posted it on social media

She claim she did not expect the video to spread so fast since she thought it was just a joke but she was very surprise by the massive reaction on social media.

She claim she is very healthy and is in no way suffering from any mental illness after the staged proposal. The skit looked so real as some of Grace’s friends were also in on the skit making the whole world believe she was really mad.



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