Last post of the YEA worker before beating his girlfriend to death reveals he allegedly Premeditated her murder

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The sad demise of Yesutor Elizabeth is still been discussed by the General Public and the media giving the fact that she was beaten by her boyfriend to death.

A lot of Information are emerging in relation to the story and the latest is a screenshot from the accused person Mr Philip Caesar Kumah.

The stories from both Families indicates that they were both having a misunderstanding in their relationship but they didnt know it will lead to murder.

Searching the social media page of the accused Pinaxonline has come across a specific post who allegedly suggest that the man premeditated the murder of his girlfriend

In the post, he wrote: “You will think you have found someone better only to realize its section B of your EX. Worst than section A??”

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'MTN LTE 3:11 PM Kumah Caesar Philip is feeling delighted with Amg Darlington and 11 others at Jubilee House 1 Mar Accra You will think you have found someone better only to realise its section B of your Ex. Worst than section A'