Leak Audio of Mary Awusi and Akua Donkor talking about Former President John Mahama and the “Papa Nu” issue surfaces online

The Papa Nu issue seems not to be dying down anytime time as it has moved from the originators of it, Thus, Mzbel and Tracey Boakye to Akua Donkor and her associate.

Akua Donkor last week alleged that Mahama has a child with one lady identified as Mary Awusi who also happens to be as NDC aspiring Parliamentary candidate in Agogo.

A leaked video has surfaced online and its a conversation between the alleged woman and Akua Donkor.

In the leaked audio

Mary Awusi: You said my house was bought for me by John Mahama but you know it was bought for me by my husband. You know all my children have one father who is my husband whom you know very well. Even if you dont remember I will forgive you because you are getting older.

What is your evidence that the children I have are for john Mahama? Please go back to the radio and retract all you have said about me and John Mahama.

Akua Donkor: I cant go to the radio and retract something I have said already.

Mary Awusi: So you are just destroying my reputation and marriage just because you are angry with John Mahama”

Akua Donkor: Is not that I am destroying your marriage. What have I done that id destroying your marriage.

Mary Awusi:Do you know you are destroying my marriage?

Akua Donkor: O, how am i destroying your marriage”

Mary Awusi: Don’t you know that what you are doing will cause my husband to disdain me and my children?

Akua Donkor: Yes, when he decided to collect my house from me, I thought you will say something but you didnt say anything.

Mary Awusi: But you did not tell me anything about the house?

Akua Donkor: I thought you knew

Mary Awusi: You know after we lost the election, all of us went to rest a little to brood over our losses. I never saw nor heard from you again till I hear your allegations on a Video someone sent to me.

Akua Donkor: I am the one who put him on the presidential seat and now he has collected the house he gave me.

Mary Awusi: Please do you have evidence of all you have said about my house and John Mahama? Do you know I can curse you or sue you.

Akua Donkor: I have told you before, I cant retract anything I have said, Do whatever you want to do



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