Leaked video of Funny Face Baby Mama slapping him several times infront of his friends and Family trends online

Ghanaian comedian Funny Face true to his words has releases a series of videos of his Baby Mama Vanessa abusing him in from of Family and Friends.

Funny Face yesterday accused Media Personality Maame Yeboah Asiedu of been the brain behind the collapse of his relationship with Vanessa his baby mama.

But in an audio which was sighted by Pinaxonline, His baby mama vanessah exonerated Maame Yeboah of any wrong accusations against her, According to her in the audio, it was only the media personality who came to her aid and gave her a place to stay for some days each time she was abused by funny face.

Posting the video to back his allegations, Funny Face wrote: And u wonder why I never post u or spoke abt u … cos u simply Evil … A girl dat can slap me with both hands from da back infront of my house helps ( Emma and Yaw ) .. hold me and slap me infront of people .. yet I stayed and made u stay In dis house all because of my #ELLAandBELLA ..

u can be on fone with ur daughter father for over 2 hours and leave #EllaandBella crying nonstop if I go and talk .. oyiwa ! Madam I will slap you .. hmmm .. u told ur ******** squad .. dat “ all da things am doin to him .. he can’t come and talk cos nobody will believe him .. besides dis is his second marriage and he can’t divorce me .. so I will finally kill him and live my life

“ !! Hmm I cry for my #ELLAandBELLA because if they grow and see da other worse videos .. the will HATE you for life !! Especially if I don’t make it till they grow to meet me ! EVIL woman Vanessa , plus ur Mother Vampire and Maame yeboah ASIEDU .. da chief Evil planer herself .. Maame yeboah am waiting for u .. just say something .. like how u sit on radio and insult me .. try it again !! 😡😡😡🔥🔥 “ GYE NYAME “

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