Learn Sense Onu? Leave My Stonebwoy Alone, It’s A New Year And Everyone Make Hot-Ayisha Modi Fires Samini

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Ghanaians are currently enjoying a triangular beef between Samini, Stonebwoy and Ayisha odi following a comment Stonebwoy made regarding two Nigerian artistes winning big at the 63rd Grammy awards.

Stonebwoy who couldn’t hide how proud he is that Nigerian artistes lifted the African continent on the global front by winning big took to twitter to hail them over their win and shaded Ghanaian artistes in the process.

It didn’t sit well with Samini who reacted stating that Nigerian artistes don’t disrespect their legends like the way Stonebwoy usually do.

Loud mouth Ayisha Modi who has the strength, energy and guts took to her IG to warn Samini to leave her 1Gad alone because it’s a new year and everyone is hot.

She noted that it’s only in Ghana that we do Godfather/Godson, dada, mama, uncle and all that nonsense because Lil Wayne brought Nikki Minaj and Drake on but he doesn’t go about envying them.

She added that Samini should learn sense-apparently he hasn’t learnt yet.