Leave Him Alone!, He Is Married-Worried Fans Tell Berla Mundi To Stop Clinging To Giovani

One of the few Media General workers who are cool with each other is Berla Mundi and Giovani.

The two have been great friends even when they were with EIB Network and this could be as a result of the constant pair of the two on a particular show.

Because they are good friends they sometimes tease each other and even expose each other’s secrets.

When the news of Joe Mettle getting married to Berla Mundi hit the web it was Giovani who gave Ghanaians a clue about it but it turned out that it was all jokes.

Well due to their closeness some fans of the two media personalities according to reports are asking Berla Mundi to either give Giovani some space or terminate the friendship relationship she has with him because he is a married man.

Could it be that Giovani’s wife is worried about Berla and her husband’s relationship?

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