Let me serve as president for 4yrs & I’ll deal with fake pastors-Ken Agyapong

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The member of parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has vowed to deal with fake pastors in Ghana if he is allowed to be president in Ghana for just one term (4 years).

According to Kennedy Agyapong, he has no intentions of being the president of Ghana but if it comes down to it and he is the president, one group of people he will deal with will be fake pastors in the country.

Kennedy Agyapong explained that he has come to know that fake pastors are one of Ghana’s major problems he will deal with them within just 4 years of his term.

He blamed the Pentecostal church as the biggest problem of Ghana’s Christianity and called on the government to deal ruthlessly with fake pastors who go about promising people the ocean.

Before this comment, Kennedy Agyapong has already insulted people who have faith in Obinim to the extent that they chew Obinim’s stickers.