Let Your Brains Work, Election Year Coming Soon-A Plus To Ghanaians

Musician turned politician Kwamw A Plus has urged all Ghanaians to use their brains because election year is getting close.

The founder and leader of the Peoples Project (TPP) says its high time ordinary Ghanaians used their brains to make distinction between politicians who make promises without delivering them.

“The people at the top do not care about you. In 2020 we need to unite in our thinking and let our brains work. Most of us are in NPP today because we were told Rawlings was a bad man, and called him names, but today, the greatest hero for the party is Jerry John Rawlings. They’ve fooled us, only for us to realise later that he is a good man.

He also revealed that he joined the NPP party because it made him believe the leader of National Democratic Congress, (NDC) is a bad person but he has now realized he is not as they made him believe.

A plus also stated that Akufo-Addo and John Mahama are doing all it take to created division in the country but they will later become friends and leave ordinary Ghanaians on their own.

He called on the youth to reason in choosing their leaders to avoid being used by deceitful politicians.



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