Let’s Allow President, Ministers to enjoy side chicks in peace, Don’t judge Kan Dapaah – Shatta wale

by - 3 mins

Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale, has lashed out at Ghanaians for trolling and judging the Minister of National Security, Mr Albert Kan-Dapaah following his leaked amorous video with a lady identified as Chantelle Kujawu.

In a tweet, the ‘my level’ hitmaker said it was high time Ghanaians stopped meddling in the private lives of politicians.

In his view, there is nothing wrong for even President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his appointees to go clubbing, stressing that Mr Kan-Dapaah and the other ministers of state must be allowed to have fun if they wish.

He rubbished the public perception that government appointees embezzle state funds to spend on their girlfriends, adding that the ministers need time to de-stress.

Shatta Wale said it was wrong for “hypocritical” Ghanaians to keep mute about the liaisons of their fathers but have the audacity to criticise the National Security Minister.

“So, minister no do video call? What the hell; go see what your father dey do right now, edey there wey, maybe, edey show some girl something. What are you telling me? Make I no change the English syllabus. Minister for no do video call? It’s sake of security-wise that is why they no do somethings, but minister for fi go club. If minister go club, then we say he is using our monies; did you issue the Ghana notes? Is your name printed on the notes? Let’s stop meddling in their affairs. We turn to create fake billionaires in Ghana; somebody get en money then some people put en eye there, Ghana. Let’s stop that thing, you understand me? Let’s give the ministers and the President the chance to feel free.

“President, if you want to go club, go club; don’t watch Ghana, you taya; go get girls who twerk, if they twerk small, you pay small; ebi your own money. It’s not Ghana people money. Ghana people don’t know that the money they are chopping, you are even trying hard for us to chop. Mr President, Ghanaians don’t know oo, hey Charley, Ghana, you people no dey do that, otherwise, I go bring more girls. I will bring more girls and you know what girls can do? Make we leave the country for the country to make nice, you understand what I’m saying? Minister, do video call, and you say why he do am? What the hell do you mean? Are you the one to determine his life? What the hell! Edo video call, e nice, he and some girl, the man eno talk about sex oo, he said hug, hug, hug ooo hug, hkty, hug keke and it’s now a story, you are not serious”, he burst out in a video he tweeted.