London-Based Lady Cries Premium Tears After She Was Told To Cut Her Lashes With Scissors Before They’d Renew Her Passport.

A Nigerian lady named @Tiwalowla on Twitter has shared the painful and humiliating experience she had at the Nigerian passport office.

The London-based ‘Confidence coach’ said that after over five hours of waiting for her turn, the officials told her to use a pair of scissors to cut her eyelashes because they aren’t real.

According to her, she just wanted to get her National Identification Number so she could renew her passport. She further revealed that she cried ‘hot tears’ because of the humiliation.

She tweeted;

“Waited 5 hours in the passport office  to get my NIN and renew my Nigerian passport and when it was time to finally take my picture and go home they said they couldn’t take it because my lashes aren’t real. They said I should bring scissors to cut them 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

“No jokes oh 😫😫 guys see the lashes and the hot tears I cried. Haven’t even eaten today”

These  tweets has sparked outrage from thousands of Nigerians who have expressed displeasure over the incident

Some reactions read;

@OllyOxx wrote;

When I did mine, they made me rip off my lashes, clean my make up, take off all my jewelry and remove my wig to reveal my bald head that I just shaved. Now i have the ugliest photo in my Intl passport that looks nothing like me. It’s a fat boy that’s there. I can’t show anyone.”

@LordMacnoble wrote;

“Most Nigerians are traumatized honestly. I’m sure someone will be rationalizing this as a normal thing 🤦🤦🤦🤦”

@Ahbiola wrote;

“Such a joke of a country. Exact thing happened to my friend, They gave her scissors, expensive thing she made a day before o, lmao anyway she doesn’t like wahala, she cut the thing 😭 unfortunately .  😣 sorry love.”

@hmssny wrote;

“This makes no sense 🙃 Folks are without food, housing etc… but government has energy to monitor false lashes?!?! What a complete 🤬 waste of time.”

@DoreenGLM wrote;

“Nigerian officials abuse whatever crumbs of power they have, they literally make up rules as they go. I don’t understand how they haven’t stopped getting away with things like this.”

See tweets below;



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