“Loneliness is killing you and Your Photographer is not helping with your internet packaging because he makes you look too old at 42 years” god daughter of Dr Kwaku Oteng replies Delay

Pained and Bitter god daughter of Dr Kwaku Oteng, Adu Safowaa has taken to her Instagram page to disgrace Delay again after she replied her for saying she has been in the media industry for long but has nothing to boost of.

Adu Safowaa in an interview on Happy FM, claim she doesnt consider Delay as a role model and that her reason for saying this was because Delay doesnt have anything to boost off even though she has been in the Industry for long and that she doesnt have a studio but rather she uses People’s restaurants and homes for her interview.

Even though Delay has replied her it seems Arrogant, pained and Bitter Adu Safowaa would not let it go. In a lenghty post on her Instagram page, she wrote:

DJ poison,This space is mine. I can give you my stuffs in my new office to help save you the disgrace & stress you go through daily at Alisa bar when you want to record … I am happy, some accounts you pay on the internet to attack those that speak your hard truth make you feel accepted but can we bring this people behind this accounts to your 2 bedroom rented apartment around lake side? Cux in reality, it not easy for you. loneliness is killing you. N your internet packaging is less npo Efiri S3 your photographer makes u too old at age 42.

The footballers family are in court oooo, Dey want dier sardine business… hahaha.. let the internet fool you.




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