Lydia Forson narrates how a stalker stalked her for Years till she moved from the neighborhood after Jackie Appiah shared her Video

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Ghanaian Actress Lydia Forson has revealed how she had a scary stalker stalking her once after video of Jackie Appiah’s stalker came surfaced online.

The actress took to her Twitter to reveal the issue she has personally faced with stalkers. Jackie Appiah posted a video of a man who claims to have been stalking the actress for years now but decided to make his move now finishing off a portrait painting of the actress.

The gentleman in questions has been roasted a lot on Twitter after users claim the painting looked ugly. Lydia Forson took to Twitter to narrate her ordeal, she wrote: “I had one who follow me everywhere and call to tall me he was watching me. That time we didnt register Phones so I couldn’t trace him. When I tried reporting they laughed. It stopped when I eventually moved the stories di33 Plenty. This may be funny but it’s creepy.”

Tweeting again she wrote: I’m sure I’m not the only public figure with a story like this. I have so many more. Sadly people think stalking is funny/ cute until you’re in a club and someone corners you saying “you’re my girl” and tries to take you away( yep happened to me)