Lydia Forson reveals why Ghanaians cannot criticize Akufo Addo just the way they did to John Mahama when he was President

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Ghanaian Actress and singer Lydia Forson has dropped the main reason why Ghanaians are scared or have refused to criticize President Nana Addo just like they did to John Mahama in 2016.

She dropped her opinion in a post on her Twitter handle. According to her, John Mahama and his Party officials were very tolerant thats why Ghanaians got the courage to criticize him.

However, In Akufo Addo’s era it is different simply because Akufo Addo does not have Ghanaians at heart and he doesnt have the heart to tolerate.

She wrote: Truth is, so many of us were only vocal during Mahama’s government because he(they) seemed more tolerant to criticism. This government (and their followers) in comparison seem more intolerant to opposing opinions and criticism. This is unfortunately why many don’t say as much.