Lydia Forson send a strong warning to a man who sent a little boy to take her number for him

Ghanaians actress Lydia Forson in a new video has descended heavily on a man after he sent someone to ask her for her number while he was siting in his car comfortably.

This act by the man has got Lydia into an angry mood as she felt disrespected making her record a video telling the man her mind.

In the video, she recalled how she used to ignore guys who refuse to walk up to her to talk even in JHS because to her, that doesnt show respect.

She revealed that she doesnt know why people keep picking the wrong person to get on their nerves. She wrote:

I’m somebody oooo yoooo

but honestly it’s not nice to just send someone for a lady/gentleman’s number.

We should all know that with the world today we can’t just trust a stranger like that.

I love meeting people but let’s all be respectful about it.. 💋

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