‘Majority Of Those Who Hate Me Are Broke And Intimidated By My Success’- Criss Waddle

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AMG business CEO, Criss Waddle has bared his teeth at his critics, labeling them as paupers, reason why they spend their precious time gossiping and passing unsavoury comments about him.

The rapper and offshoot of the music group R2Bees, said those who proclaim to hate him have nothing really going on for them in life. The rapper also stressed that his success intimidates people which invariably turns them into haters.

The artist further added that often, his haters don’t have any premise for their actions yet they still hate on him.

He wrote:

99% of the people that hate me are broke and intimidated by my 2 by 4 success cus if u sit them down and u ask them why do u hate Waddle,u will realize they have no Good explanation ?? I’m yet to meet a rich man that hates me??? Ohiaa Y3 adambor #AMG Wati….God Punish Poverty ??