Make Sure Nana Addo Is The Last Old Man To Be President-Captain Smart Tells Ghanaians

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Ace broadcast journalist, Captain Smart has urged Ghanaians to make sure that old man Nana Akufo-Addo will be the last old man to be President of the country.

Speaking on the KSM show hosted by comedian Kweku Sintim-Misa he noted that the worl has come far and it keeps evolving each day and for that reason the country needs some one who is more abreast with the modern world to make life flexible for the youths of Ghana.

“Ghana’s youth must understand and I’ve said it that after Nana Addo, the youth will not vote for any other old man again,” he stated according to yen.

Recall that Captain Smart stated that despite being a staunch member of the NPP he won’t suddenly go mute when the party is heading towards the wrong direction.

Meanwhile Captain Smart was taken off Angel FM after his boss claimed that some big wigs of the ruling government pressured him to take the broadcast journalist off for making the government unpopular.