Management of GBC Is Useless And Complete Cause Of Financial Loss To Ghana-A Plus Jabs

Ghanaian musician come politician, Kwame A Plus has hit hard on management of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation saying that they are useless.

According to him, management and staff of GBC are the reason why people have failed to pursue courses related to the media because most of them are degree holders yet the work they do is way below the work that UTV and Adom Tv staff with less degrees can do.

He described the management of GBC as incompetent and that to him is the only reason that will make them allow ‘Telenovela’ to be aired on Ghana’s national television station.

Kwame A Plus further stated that GBC is big enough to be a forest reserve where animals like Zebra, Elephant, Monkey, Hippopotamus among others can be kept for tourists for the country to generate some revenue instead of allowing useless educated illiterates to roam there and waste taxpayers money.

He threw this shots at the management of GBC following a backlash he received from its sister station for saying that the enterprise should be converted into a zoo.

Below is his post:
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