“Many Mordern Marriages Don’t Last Because Men Fall For Makeup Face And Bone Straight Hair” Reno Omokri Says, Netizens React

Nigerian author and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has stated the reason why most mordern marriages fail.

Omokri said that men now fall for heavy made up face and bone staright her without seeing the real person before marriage. He also stated that the women on their part fell for the money the men threw around during dating.

Th 46-year-old added that when lies bring couples together it will further put them asunder. He took to his social media pages to states this facts.

He wrote;

“Many modern marriages don’t last, because the men fell for a heavily made up face, and had never seen the real person under the make up and bone straight hair, while the women fell for the money the man threw around without bothering to find out the source

“Bone straight hair is a want. You can’t have it and send me a ‘I urgently need $100’ text. Your urgency is self inflicted. Accommodation, feeding, clothes, are needs. The more you spend on wants, while you have pending needs, the more you sink into poverty

“When lies bring couples together, truth will put them asunder. By the time makeup clears and it dawns on the man that his wife is neither beautiful in character or face, and she realises her husband’s money was a flash in the pan, all that‘s left is regret.”

This has sparked reactions online as Nigerians have come out to state their own views, however most of them have concurred with his statement.

See tweets/reacting below;











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